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Nuetral blends with touch of gold

First post of the year!!
Yikes! It’s been a minute here. I’ve missed blogging like mad!! 

I’m officially wishing y’all a happy new year. It’s 2018, wow! Trust me, a lot has happened.

2017! Gosh, that year was a lot, so many ups and downs, happiness, sadness,achievements, new friendships.

I learnt a lot last year and I want to use this medium to share the important lessons/advice of 2017.

  • Happiness is a thing of the mind. You are the only one in charge of your happiness. Don’t ever let your happiness revolve around anybody. Take charge of your happiness today.
  • When people show you their true colours, believe them.  Whenever you see or feel the red flags from anyone, DONT IGNORE, MOVE!!
  • Always trust your instincts, that will save you from a whole lot of mistakes in life.


  • Never ever settle for less in anything/anyone. You deserve better, always believe that.
  • In life, our plans does not always happen the way we want it, always have a backup plan. Disappointment is certain but don’t let it break you.
  • The people who will help you in life are most likely to be people you don’t know or just met. Don’t put too much trust on friends and family.

  • No hard work/knowledge is a waste.
  • Common Sense is not common atall, some people actually lack this FOR REAL!
  • Prayer is one of keys to success.

Back to the outfit of the day!

This outfit is totally vintage inspired as I’m really into vintage this year! I got the top and skirt from my favourite thrift store in Enugu. Shoe is from prettylittlethings and my bag is from a friend’s boutique in Enugu.

I love the blend of the neutrals with touch of gold. This is definitely a look for me. Tell me what you think in the comments section please.

I know I’ve been so inconsistent with blogging. This year is a year of consistency, no matter what. I’m going to be fully into my blogging. Probably, I will try and blog at least two to three times a week, so help me God?. Well I’m confident I can pull that off because of my new camera ?! That is my most precious possession right now and I’m so glad I bought it.

Ayyyyyy, feeling like an international model in the 60s lol.

Phew! I hope y’all enjoyed watching these pictures. Let me know if you’d rerock something like this!

I’m really enjoying my hair since I cut it, but honestly the struggle to maintain natural hair is real, this harmattan is not even helping at all but I’m hoping to make a protective style soon.

Till next time guys!

Don’t forget that miracle can never happen if you are just one place! You need to MOVE! Identify your star and follow it. #foodforthought.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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